L.E.D. Storm

I had a good think about what music to actually include in my first musical post. There were lots that I could have picked from, lots and lots. In the end I decided to open with a vibrant, up-tempo & exciting piece of music.

Tim Follin composed lots of music for games over the years but this entry from 1988 is widely regarded as his best piece – an assessment that I would wholeheartedly agree with.

The Game

The road race game of the year puts you in control of high powered futuristic vehicle through 9 fast, furious and hazardous stages designed to stop you dead in your tracks. Beware of ramps, boxing cars, manic frogs, broken bridges, sheer drops and many more hazards as you cook up an L.E.D. Storm. Playing is believing in the game of a lifetime.

Critical Reaction

Reaction to this game was mixed with Crash awarding the game 93% and a Crash Smash, while Sinclair User (63/100) and Your Sinclair (7/10) were less keen on the game.


From the programming team who brought you Bionic Commando comes a nine level, rip-roaring, nail-biting racing game. Initially you may, like me, puzzle at the lack of offensive weapons to blast all the unfriendly road hogs. But once you get into the game the sheer thrill of racing down the track, at a vast rate of knots, pushes all thoughts of blowing up motorway monsters from your mind. Besides, who needs poncey machine guns and rocket launchers when you can leap and flatten the dudes. If you think you can stand the pace buy LED Storm now!

Your Sinclair;

A futuristic, vertically scrolling racing game that is only average in most areas except (EXCEPT!!) for speed – where it positively stomps on most rivals.

My Thoughts

This game is as very frustrating to play. I enjoy a challenge but the dodgy sideways lurching that passes for scrolling is nasty and makes the game a difficult one to get to grips with. You really need to be very aware of what’s going on and have a good memory for the layout of the courses. I wouldn’t agree with the high rating given by Crash.

The Music

ZX Spectrum 128k

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