Are we on day three already?

This week is moving along at some speed! So far on my journey with the ZX Spectrum we’ve looked at a selection of fun games that I enjoyed playing when I was a little lad in the 80’s. For today I thought it would be nice to look at some of the more recent gaming releases for the Speccy.

I’m sure that some of my readers might be surprised that people still code games and programs for a thirty year old machine.

The Speccy scene is alive and kicking and isn’t just a small group of people there are lots of talented individuals and groups around the globe creating new software – brilliant software – for this amazing computer and today instead of looking back 20-30 years into history I’m going to be looking at games released in the last couple of years (2010-2012)

Ready for a ride?

Then press play on tape :>

I’ve probably spent 10-15 mins playing each of these games so don’t expect anything to in-depth, besides if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I’m not a reviewer!

Antiquity Jones by Paul Jenkinson

Ok, this ones quite a colourful platform game with some nice graphics however it has a couple of flaws that I can say i’m keen on;

  1. You are constantly and quite quickly running out of energy that is replenished by collecting the bottles scattered around,
  2. There are sections where it is possible to miss a jump and have no way to get yourself out of the hole your in.

Regardless of these couple of flaws the game is very enjoyable and is quite a challenge.

[Antiquity Jones @ World of Spectrum]

Buzzsaw+ (Foxton Locks Mix) by Jason Railton

This one is quite a fun puzzle game where the idea is to destroy lines of crates and also creatures. You destroy the crates by lining them up in a row so that can be crushed and you destroy the creatures by chopping them up with the titular buzzsaws. At it’s heart the game is quite a straightforward falling block game but it’s the differences that make it fun. Who wouldn’t want to chop-up cute fluffy creatures with circular saws? Fun Fun!

[Buzzsaw+ @ World of Spectrum]

Cray_5 by Retroworks

An entertaining arcade adventure that sees you trying to shut down and repair the ships supercomputer that has gone haywire following a radiation leak. This is not an easy game as even though you can destroy the various sentry robots they reappear if you re-enter a screen and you’ll do a lot of backtracking in this game. It’s nice and colourful with decent sized graphics and animation it also has a really nice soundtrack that play throughout the game.

[Cray_5 @ World of Spectum]

Future Looter by Timmy

Think of Cybernoid and then you’ll have a very good idea what Future Looter is like. Its nice and colourful and plays quite well but lacks the funky 128k soundtrack playing though the game (it has a 48k title tune however) and also the various extra weapons from the Cybernoid games. It’s not a bad game, and worth playing as there are some interesting ideas in the game that make you think about how to approach a screen that also helps to differ Future Looter from the game its clearly based on.

[Future Looter @ World of Spectum]

Gloop Troops by Little Shop of Pixels

A little platform game that see’s you trying to collect all the stars on the level in order to progress to the next in order to rescue the princess. A great funky and colourful platform game that is is quite addictive. I found the game to be quite smooth and very playable. There isn’t much more to the game!

[Gloop Troops @ World of Spectrum]

That’s all for today. More Spectrum fun to come along tomorrow!

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