These days pretty much any new phone that you buy lets you add your own custom ringtones. While there are lots of websites and applications devoted to ringtones I thought it would be nice to add some retro ringtones to my blog.

As I personally own a HTC HD7 Windows Phone all of the Ringtones have been designed to fit with the requirements for the Windows Phone OS; they are all 39 seconds long and are under 1mb in size.

While I do not own an Android, Blackberry or iPhone I would assume that all of these are capable of playing mp3 files and using them as ringtones. If there are different requirements – a different format, sorter length etc then please let me know and I’ll consider converting them.

If anyone would like to suggest a retro tune from the ZX Spectrum or the Commodore 64 then please leave a comment and of course if you do like the ringtones then you could also leave a comment if you wish!!

Right-click and choose ‘Save as’ to download the file.
Note:  AY = ZX Spectrum & SID = Commodore C64

Amaurote ay – amaurote in-game (ringtone)
Batman: The Movie ay – batman the movie – title screen (ringtone)
Bear a Grudge ay – bear a grudge (ringtone)
Bionic Commando ay – bionic commando – level 1 (ringtone)
sid – bionic commando – level 1 (ringtone)
ay – bionic commando – level 4 (ringtone)
sid – bionic commando – level 4 (ringtone)
Chase H.Q. ay – chase hq – title screen (ringtone)
Cybernoid ay – cybernoid (ringtone)
sid – cybernoid (ringtone)
Cybernoid 2 ay – cybernoid 2 (ringtone)
Darius arcade – darius – captain neo (ringtone)
Donkey Kong Country snes – dkc – aquatic ambience (ringtone)
Dragons Lair 2 ay – dragons lair 2 – title screen (ringtone)
sid – dragons lair 2 – title screen (ringtone)
sid – dragons lair 2 – boulder alley (ringtone)
sid – dragons lair 2 – river caves (ringtone)
Firefly ay – firefly – 48k title screen 1 (ringtone)
ay – firefly – 48k title screen 2 (ringtone)
Ghouls n Ghosts ay – ghouls n ghosts – title screen (ringtone)
sid – ghouls n ghosts (ringtone)
Glider Rider ay – glider rider – bike mode (ringtone)
Gradius (Nemesis) arcade – gradius – stage 1 (ringtone)
Gradius II (Vulcan Venture) arcade – gradius ii – stage 1 (ringtone)
Great Giana Sisters sid – great giana sisters (ringtone)
Hydrofool ay – hydrofool – in game (ringtone)
LED Storm ay – led storm – title screen (ringtone)
Loco sid – loco – in game (ringtone)
M.A.S.K. ay – mask – title screen (ringtone)
M.A.S.K. 3 ay – mask 3 – title screen (ringtone)
Out Run arcade – outrun – magical sound shower (ringtone)
ay – outrun – magical sound shower (ringtone)
Rastan arcade – rastan – level 1 (ringtone)
ay – rastan – aggressive world (ringtone)
sid – rastan – aggressive world (ringtone)
Robocop ay – robocop – title screen (ringtone)
sid – robocop – title screen (ringtone)
Saboteur 2 ay – saboteur 2 (ringtone)
sid – saboteur 2 (ringtone)
Sanxion sid – sanxion (ringtone)
Shadow of the Beast amiga – shadow of the beast – title screen (ringtone)
ay – shadow of the beast – title screen (ringtone)
Snare ay – snare (ringtone)
Star Paws ay – star paws – in game (ringtone)
sid – star paws – in game (ringtone)
Switchblade ay – switchblade – in game (ringtone)
sid – switchblade – in game (ringtone)
The Last Ninja sid – the last ninja (ringtone)
The Tube ay – the tube – 48k title screen (ringtone)
ay – the tube – 128k title screen (ringtone)
Thing On a Spring sid – thing on a spring (ringtone)
Thundercats ay – thundercats – title screen (ringtone)
Trantor ay – trantor – title screen (ringtone)
Turrican III amiga – turrican iii – end credits (ringtone)
Where Time Stood Still ay – where time stood still – in game (ringtone)
Xenon ay – xenon – sector 1 (ringtone)
sid – xenon – sector 1 (ringtone)
ay – xenon – sector 2 (ringtone)
sid – xenon – sector 2 (ringtone)

10 responses »

  1. bobcatridge says:

    Thanks for the WP7 ringtones! Keep them comming.

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  3. jaxdia says:

    Harro! Any chance of putting the 128k Spectrum’s version of Snare on here? The Commodore 64 had Snare as well, but was a totally different game. The theme tune to the Speccy one was massively superior!

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  5. Windows Phone retro ringtones?? Sweet!:)

  6. Phendrena says:

    Lots of ringtones have recently been added!!

  7. Damián Tomat says:

    Thank you for Out Run ringtone! Good Work. Is there a possibility to make the Trap Door main theme?

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