Kwik Snax

A stunningly good game. There were many spin-off’s from the main Dizzy series but this one is by far the best one. The 128k ZX Spectrum version has so many enhancements over 48k version; such as a colourful introduction, cut screens and in-game music but by far the most impressive enhancement is the title screen. If you have only ever played the Amstrad CPC version or the vastly different Commodore C64 version then you have missed something very special.

The Game

Dizzy to the rescue! Outwit Zaks’ court jesters, bumble bees, clockwork mice and more in the Land of Personality. Megafeatures and fantastic fun in the incredibly playable action packed arcade puzzle game!

Dizzy and the Yolkfolk band had just finished their gruelling tour of Yolkland and they were all ready for a holiday. Unfortunately, couldn’t decide where to go and a huge argument began to rage. I say unfortunately because it woke Zaks the evil wizard. He got into a huge temper and cast spells left right and centre …

Denzil thought he was cool so he was sent to Iceland.

Dylan always had his head in the clouds and was banished to Cloudland.

Grand Dizzy was getting a bit old now so he was sent to Cuckooland!

Daisy was trapped into Zaks dark dungeon.

Dizzy went wild. He had to get the yolkfolk back together. He had forgotten to tell them about the farewell gig he had planned down at the local club!!

Critical Reaction

As you may have noticed from the box artwork Crash rated the game very highly, indeed so did the other ZX Spectrum magazines;

Crash – 92/100

The game’s played Pengo-style: you push blocks around the screen, crushing nasties if they get in the way and collecting the fruit and other objects you find. Bonus extras can be found and do weird and wonderful things to each screen’s layout. Once a screen is completed you go onto the bonus section which has to be done in a set time limit.

Kwik Snax is addictive beyond belief. Once you start playing you just won’t be able to stop, and why should you when it’s as good as this? 100% pure CodeMasters fun and frolics — cannot be missed.

Your Sinclair – 92/100

A completely different turnip than the other Dizzy games, but still just as good – if not more so ‘cos it’s just so spookily addictive. It’s really nicely presented too – with colourful graphics and everything. It’s ace.

My Thoughts

From the moment the game finishes loading you know you’ve got a special game on your hands. The title screen is without a doubt one of the best things ever seen on the ZX Spectrum. The actual game itself is really simple – just push blocks around the screen, crush or avoid the various enemies and collect the fruit you need to clear the level. After you clear each level there is a bonus stage where you can only move in one direction until Dizzy stops. These bonus stages are set against the clock but you don’t loose a life if you don’t get all the fruit.

It might be a simple game and it was also a cheap budget game at £2.99 but it had the polish and attention to detail of game priced at £9.99.

It’s colourful. It’s very playable. It’s very addictive.

The Music

I couldn’t exactly keep going on and on about the stunning title screen without showing it could I? It’s a great piece of music on it’s own but you just can’t listen to it without seeing it being played…

Kwik Snax – 128k ZX Spectrum Title Screen

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