One of the best cartoons of the 80’s turned into a great side scrolling game that was released by Elite Systems. It also had a jaw dropping soundtrack. Oh yes, this track is a monster. Rob Hubbard strikes again and produces, in my opinion anyway, his best piece. It is a thumping soundtrack that is a delight to listen to and one of my favourites and I hope it will become one of your too!

The Game

During a raid by the wicked MOLEMEN, agents of the evil MUMM-RA entered the CATS-LAIR, kidnapped several members of the Thundercats team and stole the Eye of Thundera, the magical jewel which holds the mystical power of the sword of omens.  LION-O was out on a mission when the raid took place but vows that, as the eye was given into his safe-keeping, he must go to Castle Plundar, rescue his team-mates and retrieve the Eye. Can LION-O battle his way past MUMM-RA’s henchmen in the forests and underground caverns, and return the power of the sword of omens and glory to the Thundercats name?

Critical Reaction

Crash magazine were very positive and awarded the game 91% and a Crash Smash;

“Wow! Thundercats is brilliant. The logo is very neatly drawn, and the in-game graphics match it; they’re excellent in every respect. Considering that the programmers had to move the colour as well as the pixels, the scrolling is very smooth. At first, despite Thundercats’s playability, I didn’t think it’d last The Treatment and still be addictive, but two days later they had to prise me away from my Spectrum with a crowbar to make me write this comment! It’s got weeks and weeks of playability just waiting to be used. And me, I’m still trying to finish the bonus screen after Level Two!”

Your Sinclair and Sinclair User were also both impressed awarding Thundercats 9/10 and 10/10 respectively.

My Thoughts?

I loved it! It was a great game with amazing digitized graphics and fantastic sound. While the game was very tricky it was well worth playing. I never completed the game when I was a kid though as it really did get dammed hard in the last few levels. I have since gone back and completed the game with the help of a few pokes. It is still a great game.

The Music

Rob Hubbard’s 128k ZX Spectrum masterpiece;

The Original Thundercats Title Sequence

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