A Quartet of Games

Mafia Game, Stone Age Game,
Vampires Game and War Game.

A quartet of games from Gameforge that really shouldn’t be enjoyable but for some strange reason they are and they are quite addictive to play. They shouldn’t be, really.

I would normally give each game it own blog entry but given the nature of these four games and that they are all basically the same game I thought it best to treat them, for the most part, all as one entity.

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Gun Bros

Gun Bros

by Glu

It’s not often you get a decent Xbox Live enabled game for free and Gun Bros by Glu is one of those games.

This game is right up my street, it’s fun, it’s fast, it has lots of guns and an endless stream of baddies to blast. For me that’s a winning combination. While it is a great game it’s not without it faults.

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Retro Around The Web: Felt Sew Good

Welcome to the first post in an ongoing new feature on RetroVGM;

Retro Around The Web


I’ve decided that I really should start to look at other places on the internet that feature retro gaming and blog about them after all variety is the spice of life and it’ll also be nice to look at Retro Gaming from other peoples perspectives!

For my first post in this new series I am going to look at Felt Sew Good. This is an online shop that sells retro themed cushions such as the Nintendo Gameboy and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum!!

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Firefly is a shoot-em-up but it’s not a normal shoot-em-up. None of this forced scrolling like other games. You are free to whizz around in any direction you please which is great as the levels can be very maze like! A fun shoot-em-up with some tricky mini-games that rely heavily on a sense of rhythm and timing.

The two title screen tunes are brilliant. Some amazing coding to produce high quality music from the 48k beeper along with an on screen keyboard showing what notes are being played!

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Special Feature: Remixes


Some people would argue that remixes of of original works shouldn’t be allowed and detract from the original piece as it deviates from what the original composer intended it to sound like. Some would also say that this a fair argument. In some ways I agree with these people as a bad remix of an original piece can detract from the original and, if people haven’t heard the original, put them off listening too it.

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Blog News – May 21st 2012

Once again I’ve made a few changes to the blog that aren’t noticeable unless you go hunting for them so I thought that a quick update would a good thing.

In my last news feature I mentioned that I’d purchased a space upgrade and outlined a few things that I had planned for the site. One of these features was to create a musical archive page that features all of the music found in the main blog entries – well this has been completed and is available to view under the ‘Retro Archives’ menu.

Another feature I was keen to do was move the music from using YouTube videos to having all of the music hosted on the blog itself. While I now have the music available on the blog I am still updating the older posts to remove the YouTube videos and replace them with the actual music. This should be completed by the end of this week.

I’ve also updated the Ringtones section of the blog. I have significantly expanded the range available and there are now over 50 ringtones available with more to come.

I have a couple of ‘Special Feature’ blog entries in the pipeline – Remixes and Jean Michel Jarre – these are looking quite interesting.

Thanks for reading and listening!!


Summoner Call

Summoner Call

by Nex Game Studios

Summoner Call is billed as a Collectible Card Game (CCG) with some RPG elements. Here’s the full blurb;

Are you ready for the final battle to defend your reign?
In an ancient era, the most feared fighter was The Summoner: a warrior who mastered the summoning arts to call powerful creatures to fight along his side.

Join the battle in this CCG (Collectible Card Game) with a simplified but deep and quick gameplay, with some RPG elements such as character levelling and deck improvements.

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by Retro Sword

Many years ago a small company by the name of Nintendo released an obscure game for their equally obscure home console, the nintendo entertainment system. The game was Super Mario Bros and it featured a porky plumber running and jumping across various landscapes in order to rescue the kidnapped princess. I’m sure one or two of you might be familiar with this game.

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