The Greatest Spectrum Game

In October 1991 thru to February 1992 Your Sinclair ran a feature on the Top 100 ZX Spectrum games of all time. Following on from the this list in September 1993 Your Sinclair posted the readers Top 100 games. Both lists significantly differ in the ordering of the top 100 and while I personally don’t agree with either choice it is interesting to have a quick look.

Below then is the Top 20 games from both lists, I’ll let you have a look at this list before I give you my own personal Greatest Sinclair ZX Spectrum game of all time. It’s difficult to pick the best, the elite, the pinnacle, the greatest of anything but for me nailing my top one game on the ZX Spectrum was really easy as their was no question in my mind about my choice, it’s not just the greatest game on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum – it’s the greatest game of all time. Forget Skryim, Halo, Mass Effect and Wii Sports(!!) none of these games can come close to being as good as this game. Never, ever.

Your Sinclair



Deathchase 1 Chase H.Q.
Rebel Star 2 Rainbow Islands
All or Nothing 3 R-Type
Stop the Express 4 Sim City
Head Over Heels 5 Chaos
R-Type 6 Manic Miner
The Sentinel 7 Elite
Rainbow Islands 8 Back to Skool
Boulder Dash 9 Robocop
T.L.L. 10 Deathchase
Sim City 11 Midnight Resistance
Carrier Command 12 Myth: History in the Making
Chuckie Egg 13 Target; Renegade
Ant Attack 14 Head Over Heels
Lords of Midnight 15 Mercenary: Escape From Targ
Elite 16 Laser Squad
Starquake 17 Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
Underwurlde 18 Spellbound Dizzy
Back to Skool 19 Quazatron
Spy vs. Spy 20 Lemmings

So what exactly is my all time greatest ever number one best of the best ZX Spectrum game?

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  2. My favorite Spectrum game ever is Laser Squad. Turn-based tactical strategy at its best, from the masters Julian and Nick Gollop who later went to program the all-time classics UFO Enemy Unknown and Terror From The Deep. Wide variety of scenarios and objects, different tactics to be employed and various levels of enemy AI make the game deep and always replayable in a different way.

    On the other hand, I only played Elite on the Spectrum thanks to emulation – I remember trying it once on a mate’s ST – but never really got into it. Probably I should try it with more attention – provided I have time to play, that is!

    • Phendrena says:

      After properly completing the first mission, The Assassins I enjoyed just loading up with Rocket Launchers and blasting the base and Sterner Regnix to high heaven! It was a great game, massively superior to Rebelstar and when I was pondering over my own Top 30 Laser Squad featured very very highly. A quality game.

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