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One of the first games that really got me hooked on Computer Game Music was Loco and it was the Commodore 64 version that really got me. At the time I owned a Spectrum 48k which only had a basic beeper that produced some really simplistic sounds. So it was with great surprise and delight when I heard the music from this game.

The music for the game was written by Ben Dalgleish but was a compete rip-off of the music of the French composer Jean Michel-Jarre, specifically two pieces from the album Equinoxe – parts V & VI.

I had no idea that the music was actually by someone else and it was my friend Rick, whose C64 it was, that told me this and offered to let me listen to the full album on vinyl and what an amazing aural experience and I highly recommend listening to the full album.

The Game

The train journey of a lifetime, risking deat every inch of the way, facing fatal collision round every bend.

Skilfully manoeuvre your classic steam locomotive on this five track railway, dodging the constant aerial bombardment from airships and planes or carefully timing the release  of your lethal smoke screen to bring them to grief. Stay alert to quickly switch tracks or arm your steam blasters and avoid a disastrous confrontation with the explosive laden handcarts, and all the time keep an eye your fuel gauge, for once you stop your a sitting duck.

Critical Reaction

The Commodore version was released in 1984 but it wasn’t until 1986 when it was released for the Spectrum. I have been unable to track down any reviews for the C64 version so below I provide you with the opinions based on the Spectrum version.

Crash weren’t overly keen on this game giving it a rather mediocre 44%

‘This game is so playable. I can’t believe it! Okay, so the game is a bit dated amongst the Top Guns and Gauntlets of today – but there’s no denying the fact that Loco is great fun to play … for a while. The backgrounds are well drawn, but they don’t change much and lack colour. The map at the bottom of the screen is a good idea, but can get out of synchronization with what is really happening above it. I would say that Loco is a brilliant game for the age range of 9-13, but anybody older than that would get bored fairly quickly.’ – Paul

‘Loco is boring. The graphics are average, and the whole thing isn’t much fun at all. The price, although only a few quid, is too much. Loco doesn’t look like much or play like much. The title screen picture is neat, but then again, that hardly makes up for the fact that the game isn’t very good. A very simple idea, but one that’s far too simple to make an interesting game. Not recommended.’ – Mike

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the game, sure it was a quite simplistic game but it provided quite a nice challenge. It’s by no means the greatest game on the earth but it’s worth playing. The music though is fantastic and really helped me progress as my old friend Rick can testify too!!

The Music

Commodore C64

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