I think that it is only fair to include a pages that lists and links to the various sources that I use to compile the various media found within this blog. I hope that you’ll take the time to explore these wonderful places. This is a section that will get updated periodical with new places to visit.

ZX Spectrum

Project AY – This is a one stop repository of ZX Spectrum AY & Beeper music hosted at The World of Spectrum.
All the music can be downloaded as individual files or in one complete archive. I would recommend the complete archive as the download file isn’t huge (4mb .zip) and you can also find various AY players to allow you to enjoy the music. For Windows I would recommend AY Emulator.

Speccy.cz – An interesting ZX Spectrum resource site that has undergone a few changes over the years. There is a section for ZX Spectrum remixes but I can’t seem to find it using the current site design but you can still view the old site design which give easier access to the remixes. Speccy.cz is also the host for the group AY Riders who produce and perform live new ZX Spectrum music.

Commodore 64

High Voltage SID Collection – The definitive source for those who want C64 SID music.

RKO – Self described as The Definitive Guide to C64 remakes. A superb repository of C64 remixes. If your a fan of C64 SID music then this site is a must visit.

Remix 64 – An excellent site devoted to remixed C64 & Amiga music. There are some great remixes and the site is well worth a visit.

VGM Remixes

OverClocked ReMix – Possibly the best site on the internet to find remixed music. While this site does have a multitude of remixes for retro systems there is also a massive amount of remixes for new systems. This is one site I visit on a very regular basis.

ZX Tunes – A an excellent source of remixed music. Although the site claims to be the World’s largest ZX Spectrum music collection it is a claim that I personally don’t agree with as many of the remixes aren’t specifically related to the ZX Spectrum.

Misc. Sites

VGMdb – VGMdb is a community project dedicated to cataloguing the music of video games and anime. While you will not find any actual music here it is an amazing resource for those wishing to research what game music has been released as an album. It is worth just spending some time to get lost in the content as you’d be amazed what you can find.

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