About The Author

What can I say?

My name is David and I live in the English county of West Yorkshire although I was born and bred in Cheshire. I live with my lovely partner and also my three year old son – he’s amazing.

I got my first home computer sometime around 1985/86 as a present from my parents. It was a 16k Sinclair ZX Spectrum and I thought it was amazing. I soon had it upgraded to 48k of memory and I would later purchase a 128k+2 model. I have very fond memories of the computers especially the rubber keys on the 16/48k model and the increased sound capabilities on the 128k model.

If it wasn’t for the 128k then this blog wouldn’t exist!

My friends had various computers, some also had Spectrum’s and some had Commodore C64’s or even Amstrad CPC’s. The sound on my friends C64 always impressed me as I only had a 48k Spectrum at the time and was slightly jealous of the funky music and sound effects. So it was with great delight that I purchased the 128k+2.

The first game I loaded on my new 128k+2 was Auf Wiedersehen Monty as there was an extra block of data that didn’t load on the 48k version so I was curious to see if it would load into the 128k model and what there was extra – WOW! A great musical soundtrack that could be turned off when playing the game and if you did you got small musical themes based on the countries national anthem for the first time you visited them along with a selection of oddly random speech dotted throughout the game.

I was very happy and very impressed – I am also sure that the game added in a couple of extra baddies to make the 128k version slightly harder!!

So that is a little about me!



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