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Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k

The ZX Spectrum, one of the most popular home computers of the 1980’s and was the brainchild of Sir Clive Sinclair. When the inital 16k and 48k machines were released they lacked a proper dedicated soundchip and only had a basic beeper for sound. While this was adequate for what Sir Clive orginaly indended the machine for it wasn’t suitable for what the Spectrum became – a popular games machine.

It wasn’t until the release of the 128k model that the Spectrum gained a dedicated soundchip the General Instruments AY-3-8192 processor. This was a similar chip to what was used in other computers at the time such as the Amstrad CPC range, Atari ST and the Mockingbird Soundcard for the Apple II range.

Being late to the table with a dedicated soundchip had allowed other computers, most notably the Commodore 64, to gain a reputation for amazing sound but it was time for the Spectrum to up its game as it could now compete.

And compete it did with some amazing music that was the equal of other computers and in many cases produced sound that was superior to the other machines.

Now I must stress the while I still hold the ZX Spectrum dear I still respect other computers and what they brought to the table. So while the primary focus of this blog will be the Sinclair ZX Spectrum I will also include music from the Commodore 64 which was the main rival back in the 80’s.

These won’t necessarily be the only computers I will feature as it is also important to include a diverse range so expect some apperances from the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga along with consoles and arcade games that were around in the 1980’s and first couple of years of the 1990’s.

Even though this is a music blog I feel that I should bring details of the actual games themselves to the minds of my readers, after all a little bit of nostalgia doesn’t hurt eh? With this I will also be including my thoughts on the games featured and also providing a rating from 1-10 (My Retrotastic Rating).

So explore and read, listen, rate and enjoy! Then if your interest has been piqued then why not grab an emulator and play a few games?

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  1. Jesse says:

    Could you enable RSS? I’d like to follow your site, but prefer to do so via RSS rather than twitter.

  2. Hi Phendrena,

    Have now added you to my blogroll. Should have done that earlier, but now it is up and running. 😉

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