Saboteur 2

Rob Hubbard is a legend producing some of the most memorable musical compositions on the 8bit computers. While he mainly wrote stuff for the Commodore C64 he did, on occasion, produce stuff for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum too.

My first post then is going to focus on Clive Townsend’s cracking game and the thumping soundtrack by Rob Hubbard.

The Game

The plotline for Saboteur II makes a little more sense if you know what was going on the prequel so here is the plotline for the original game;

You are a highly skilled mercenary trained in the martial arts. You are employed to infiltrate a central security building which is disguised as a warehouse. You must steal a disk that contains the names of all the rebel leaders before its information is sent to the outlying security stations.

You are working against the clock, both in getting the disk, and in making your escape. You must enter the building from the sea by rubber dinghy, and will then only be able to leave by the helicopter on the roof. You will have to find your way around the warehouse, making use of the guards’ own weapon supplies in your struggle through overwhelming odds.

Now the plotline for Saboteur II;

As the Ninja’s beautiful sister, your mission is to revenge your fatally wounded  brother. The rebels have found that the disks he stole in ‘Saboteur’ also contains data for one of the Dictators missile silos. Your job is to fly in by hang glider, fight your way through security guards, pumas, dogs and radio-controlled robots, to seek out some top secret punched tape to activate the missiles launch control. Launch it, disable the electric perimeter fence and then break out by motorbike.

Critical Reaction

Crash – 83/100

Saboteur II is as appealing its predecessor. I had hours of fun playing the – this follow up has all of its qualities and lots more. Screen layouts are pretty much the same, and so’s the sound; which may imply it’s a copy rather than a continuation. Not at all! Playability has increased greatly, with keyboard response being improved. You might get a little bored with the same aspects of play, but although Saboteur II is slightly expensive, it’s well worth having as a follow up.

My Thoughts

I’d never played the original Saboteur but I quite fancied giving this game a go and I am glad that I did. From the initial introduction where you start the game flying over the enemy base on a hand glider you know the game is going to be interesting. One of the big things about this game is the complexity and size of the map – it’s huge and very easy to get lost.

This game is a map makers delight, although a map does come with the game you just don’t know it, and you really need a map to help get around and to jog your memory where the punched tapes are located. The game is filled with hazards and defeating the wildlife and robotic guards isn’t easy – even with the various weapons that you can find.

It is a good fun game and quite atmospheric but it’s the 128k soundtrack that lifts the game. It’s a stonking tune, Rob Hubbard on form!

The Music

ZX Spectrum 128k
Commodore C64

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