The Sinclair ZX Spectrum at Thirty (Part 3)

Are we on day three already?

This week is moving along at some speed! So far on my journey with the ZX Spectrum we’ve looked at a selection of fun games that I enjoyed playing when I was a little lad in the 80’s. For today I thought it would be nice to look at some of the more recent gaming releases for the Speccy.

I’m sure that some of my readers might be surprised that people still code games and programs for a thirty year old machine.

The Speccy scene is alive and kicking and isn’t just a small group of people there are lots of talented individuals and groups around the globe creating new software – brilliant software – for this amazing computer and today instead of looking back 20-30 years into history I’m going to be looking at games released in the last couple of years (2010-2012)

Ready for a ride?

Then press play on tape :>

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The Sinclair ZX Spectrum at Thirty (Part 2)

It’s day two of my tribute to the ZX Spectrum on this it’s 30th Birthday week. Continuing on from yesterday I bring you a few more of my favourite games. When I was originally trying to put together my personal top 30 list of ZX Spectrum games I started by listing the games I fondly remembered playing and enjoying and then trimmed the list down, slowly and painfully, to 30 games. I hated doing this as every game I’d listed deserved to be on the list I had.

I decided to bin that list and forget about what was good, bad, better, worse and look at what I found fun. I hope that you’ll agree that my continuing selection proves to be fun games.

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The Sinclair ZX Spectrum at Thirty (Part 1)

Happy 30th Birthday!

April 23rd 1982.

A very significant date in the history of home computing as it was on this day that the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16k was released to the general public in the UK. This computer was to become one of the most popular home computers of the 1980’s and along with the 48k & 128k variants that were released would go on to sell more than 5 million units worldwide.

My ZX Spectrum was bought as a birthday present by my mum and dad and I was beyond happy, I’m not 100% sure but I think it was for my 12th birthday in 1986. It came with a decent selection of games for me to play (my dad’s favourite game was Spectipede) and over the years I would amass a rather large collection of Spectrum game buying on average one game a week once I’d gotten my part-time job at the local pub (Dog walker and weekend early morning bottling-up) it paid well and was a lot better than doing a paper round!

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In Search Of The Beast

Shadow Of The Beast

Easily one of the most graphically and sonically impressive games on the Commodore Amiga 16-Bit computer. Everyone I knew laughed at the thought of a conversion to the humble ZX Spectrum but to everyone’s surprise came a fairly decent conversion including a great 128k rendition of some of the themes.

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Blog News – April 8th 2012

Hello everyone.

I don’t generally put out a general site news but I’m going to making a few changes and I though it would be nice to actually tell people about the planned changes that I have in mind.

First off, I have purchased a 10gb Space Upgrade for the blog. This will allow me to actually upload all the music files directly to the blog rather than having to create YouTube videos, after all the YouTube videos only displayed the loading screen for the game while it played the music. I hope that having the music directly on the blog will be a positive change.

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The Last Bladeknight


This was another fine conversion from the 16bit Amiga to the the humble ZX Spectrum. A fun arcade adventure that’s very playable with great depth and a couple of great musical tracks by Ben Daglish. It was just a shame these games came along towards the end of the ZX Spectrum’s life.

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The Tube

The Tube

David Whittaker, one of the most prolific musical maestros on the 8-bit computers produces another great soundtrack. It’s just a shame that the actual game didn’t match the quality of the music! It was entertaining but not a game that stood out.
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Bear A Grudge

Bear A Grudge

Yeah, Bear A Grudge.

This one was a covergame on an issue of Sinclair User magazine. It’s a straightforward Space Harrier clone coded by Chris Wood who also coded the ZX Spectrum version of Super Hang-on (a great game). What made this cover game great was the stunning Dave Rogers soundtrack!

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