Mask III: Venom Strikes Back

ZX Spectrum 128k:

Kwik Snax

Please view the original post as you really need to watch the band play!

Where Time Stood Still

ZX Spectrum 128k: 

Bear A Grudge

ZX Spectrum 128k: 

The Tube

ZX Spectrum: 


ZX Spectrum 128k: 
Commodore C64: 


ZX Spectrum 128k:

Star Paws

ZX Spectrum 128k: 
Commodore C64:  

Donkey Kong Country



ZX Spectrum 48k:

ZX Spectrum 128k (Tune 2 Only):

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  1. Dave says:

    I am now listening to this on a high quality hi-fi stereo instead of a crappy 80’s TV. Who knew that it could sound just so great! I love it! Thanks for opening my eyes, or ears!

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