Wallpapers, Lock Screens & Backgrounds

These are all fun ways in which we like to add our own personal stamp on our mobile communications device of choice from Windows Phone & Android to Blackberry & iPhone we all have a preferred device of choice.

While it is nice to be able to snap a picture and then, without any messing around, use that picture as our own wallpaper its also fun to be able to use other pictures in order to really add that personal touch.

So I have created a series of Retro Themed Smartphone wallpapers in three different styles.

  • Style 1 – A simple enlargement with smoothing,
  • Style 2 – A classic style comic book ink shading applied,
  • Style 3 – Glowing Neon Edges.
I would appreciate feedback regarding the styles that I have chosen and not the actual choice of images, however if you would like to see a particular game from the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 added then I will do my best to add them.

All the wallpapers are sized for WVGA screen resolution of 480×800 pixels. If your device supports a higher or lower resolution you’ll still be able to use them but they might resize oddly.

Enjoy browsing, I will be adding more as time passes so check back every now and again or even follow the blog.

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  1. Some excellent stuff there, like the Batman one best as it isn’t obviously cropped. 🙂

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