RetroVGM was never intended to be my main blog, in fact this blog was never supposed to exist in this form. I was originally going to have a general, personal, blog that would feature posts about Video Game Music. I did one post on my personal blog. Following that post I thought that actually having a dedicated blog about Video Game Music would be a great idea especially if I was to partly focus the blog around the music of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and so Retro Video Game Music was born.

Personal Blog

As I focused on RetroVGM my personal blog really didn’t get a look in and frankly hasn’t been used a great deal, although I would like to change this and post about random oddness. We shall see though eh?

Dave’s Windows Phone Blog

My other blog, like RetroVGM, is focused on a single subject – Windows Phone – and is a blog where I review (ha!) FREE games and apps on Windows Phone. I am cheap, I try and avoid buying stuff for my phone where possible and I am more than happy to look at ads and occasionally click on them. There are games that I would be tempted to buy but if an indie dev sticks a similar game on the marketplace for free then I’ll try that first.

My Windows Phone blog hasn’t been active for long so there are only a few posts but I will be adding more when time permits.

Ben The Beagle

Just for a little bit of fun I’ve given my pet Beagle, Ben, a blog of his own. In the 48 hours it has been live it has already gained quite a bit of attention. It’s amazing what a slightly warped blog about a dog can do for your traffic!

Click on a picture below to view one of my other blogs;

Personal Blog

Dave’s Windows Phone Blog

Ben The Beagle Blog

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