Welcome to the first post in an ongoing new feature on RetroVGM;

Retro Around The Web


I’ve decided that I really should start to look at other places on the internet that feature retro gaming and blog about them after all variety is the spice of life and it’ll also be nice to look at Retro Gaming from other peoples perspectives!

For my first post in this new series I am going to look at Felt Sew Good. This is an online shop that sells retro themed cushions such as the Nintendo Gameboy and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum!!

Lets start this investigation by seeing how Felt Sew Good describes itself;

Felt Sew Good is the fluffy online shop of Lucy Sparrow.

She’s always made stuff that reminds people of their childhood and since receiving requests for all sorts of funny objects, she finally decided to get a proper shop and start peddling her wares.

She’s more often than not tied to a sewing machine or a laptop but she does manage to get out and put on exhibitions throughout the year in between making felt for other people.

The shop displays all the items that are currently available but she is able to take commissions to create anything you can think of out of felt.

She likes a challenge so the more complicated, the better.

ZX Spectrum

Fluffy! I like fluffy and comfy stuff and you can’t beat a nice cushion to relax with and if that cushion just so happens to look like a favourite computer or console all the better!

There are currently a range of retro gaming cushions available in the shop with my two favourites being the ZX Spectrum cushion and the Super Nintendo (SNES) cushion. As regular readers (or those that have the about section) will know my first home computer was the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and I am always looking for fun and interesting products featuring this item from my childhood so coming across this cushion brought a large smile to my face and a nice fuzzy glow inside!

For anyone who grew up with through the 80’s and the 90’s these cushions are great items I could quite easily cuddle up with the SNES Controller while resting my head on the console itself!

Speak & Spell

While there are a good range of retro gaming themed items there are also a couple of other fun retro items – a Speak & Spell and also an Etch A Sketch! For the foodies out there you can also grab a Burger and a Sandwich!

Prices for the cushions are a reasonable £45 with free delivery within the UK while international delivery is £12. Considering the size of the items and the fact they are hand crafted these are good prices.

Lucy, whom creates all these fab items also has her blog which displays more of her talents with felt. There are some wonderful creations in there such as Nikon Camera and a pack of Crayola Crayons! Well worth visiting!

I took the time to contact Lucy to ask her a couple of questions about her fabulous felt creations and she was kind enough to reply;

How long does it take you to craft a cushion? For example the SNES console or the limited edition Xbox controller?

From start to finish including the time it takes for the fabric paint to dry, it works out as about a day to make one cushion. I can sometimes make a few more if I get up early and have lots of Earl Grey tea in the pot. The Xbox one took a lot longer because it’s such a funny shape. They seem to design gaming controllers to be a lot more ergonomic these days, probably to allow more comfort whilst spending hours in front of the telly. I think my favourite one to make is the SNES because it has the most colourful buttons and I can go to town on the hand-stitching.

You accept commissions and like to be challenged. What would say is the most interesting item that you have been asked to create?

Ooh I’ve had everything from a full-size telephone box and cuddly seagulls to a record player with moving parts and a Jukebox so the possibilities really are endless. Probably the most interesting one that took a lot of attempts to get right was a giant graffiti spray can because you just can’t mold smooth shapes with fabric in the same way that you can a piece of clay so you’ve got to think of everything in terms of a flattened inside-out net. It can often be a bit of a brain-ache but it’s so satisfying when you finally get it right.

Wow! It’s clear that a lot of hard work, love and care goes into into making the cushions let along making a Full size Telephone box! very impressive stuff if you ask me!

Hopefully you’ll want to visit Lucy’s shop and maybe purchase a cushion or two (or indeed a Keyring).

All the links you’ll need are below!


Felt Sew Good – Online Shop
Felt Sew Good – Facebook
Felt Sew Good – Twitter @FeltSewGoodShop

Sew Your Soul – Lucy Sparrow’s Blog
Sew Your Soul – Facebook
Sew Your Soul – Twitter @SewYourSoul

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  1. […] is a guy that goes by the name Phendrena (hi!). He has started a new section on his blog called Retro Around the Web, which will cover all kinds of retro game stuff on the Internet, but not only the usual topics.The […]

  2. chrispink says:

    Hey Phendrena,

    Liked this post! Really intriguing, and it’s cool you took the effort to cover someone else’s thing. The products look really fun and iconic. A good write-up and I liked the interview style — good work.

    Chris from sillyoldgoat.com

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