Once again I’ve made a few changes to the blog that aren’t noticeable unless you go hunting for them so I thought that a quick update would a good thing.

In my last news feature I mentioned that I’d purchased a space upgrade and outlined a few things that I had planned for the site. One of these features was to create a musical archive page that features all of the music found in the main blog entries – well this has been completed and is available to view under the ‘Retro Archives’ menu.

Another feature I was keen to do was move the music from using YouTube videos to having all of the music hosted on the blog itself. While I now have the music available on the blog I am still updating the older posts to remove the YouTube videos and replace them with the actual music. This should be completed by the end of this week.

I’ve also updated the Ringtones section of the blog. I have significantly expanded the range available and there are now over 50 ringtones available with more to come.

I have a couple of ‘Special Feature’ blog entries in the pipeline – Remixes and Jean Michel Jarre – these are looking quite interesting.

Thanks for reading and listening!!


About Phendrena

I am a 38 year old fan of classic computer gaming from the 80's era in Britain, mainly the Sinclair ZX Spectrum & Commodore 64 home computers. My musical tastes are varied but my main passion is Video Game Music. I have a 3 year old son with my partner and we also have a beagle called Ben and a Goldfish whose name varies depending on what mood my son is in!! I have a Dell XPS laptop and a HTC HD7 Windows Phone and my partner has a Nokia Lumia 800. I have two blogs: retrovgm.wordpress.com & daveswp7blog.wordpress.com

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