Well, this is the final part of my week long look at all things Spectrum. I hope that so far you’ve enjoyed the week and that you’ll find this part equally enjoyable. For this seventh and final part I am going to look at the ZX Spectrum on the internet.

From various websites to old adverts and interviews and also a selection of scene demos.

I am going to start this final part by looking at the most important Sinclair ZX Spectrum website on the internet – the World of Spectrum.

Favourite Spectrum Websites

World of Spectrum

The World of Spectrum (WoS) was started in 1995 by Martijn van der Heide as a website dedicated to hosting Spectrum games but soon grew into something much much more and if you want to find anything related to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum then this is the site that you want to start with.

As well as hosting games Martijn and the team actively seek out permission to legally host and distribute copies of games and software as playing games under emulation, unless you own the originals and the version your playing under emulation is taken from your own original, is illegal. So anything that can be downloaded from WoS can be considered legal as the owners of the copyright have granted permission for the games etc to be distributed. There are some whom haven’t given permission – Ultimate and Codemasters are good examples.

RZX Archive

A repository of game recordings. If you want to see how a game is completed from the start to the end then this is the place to visit. The files that are available for download are in .rzx format and can be played back on several emulators including ZX Spin, SpecEmu & Spectaculator. It can be quite fascinating to watch these files being played back as you get to watch other people play the game so you can see how they overcome various obstacles and also watch them die!

As with WoS the RZX Archive doesn’t host downloadable files for games that have been classified as Distribution Denied. So your not going to find any Ultimate or Codemasters games there, however you can watch videos of these games being completed directly on the RZX Archive webpage or via the YouTube channel.

The Tipshop

Your one-stop shop for all hints, tips, cheats and pokes for Spectrum games. There are some incredibly difficult games out there and sometimes we all need assistance so having a map and some gameplay pointers handy is quite useful as it having a selection of pokes. Sending in hints, maps, pokes and cheats to magazines was very common back in the 80’s and it was always good to be to use the knowledge of others to help aid in your own gameplay. Of course the same is true today but we pass along the information differently.

One the next page we have a selection of fun Spectrum related videos.

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  1. classicalgaming says:

    Hey! I FINALLY got a chance to read all 7 of your Spectrum posts. Excellent coverage! A fitting and personal tribute! 😀

    • Phendrena says:

      Thank you!!
      I hope you enjoyed all seven posts as I had a lot of fun putting them together. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get all the posts out in seven days as I had originally planned but going from one perhaps two posts a week to twins post a day was quite a step up! Perhaps a little more planning next time I do a special week!!

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