Hello everyone.

I don’t generally put out a general site news but I’m going to making a few changes and I though it would be nice to actually tell people about the planned changes that I have in mind.

First off, I have purchased a 10gb Space Upgrade for the blog. This will allow me to actually upload all the music files directly to the blog rather than having to create YouTube videos, after all the YouTube videos only displayed the loading screen for the game while it played the music. I hope that having the music directly on the blog will be a positive change.

Having the music readily available will allow me to create a musical archive page that will list all of the music available on the site. I feel that having a page like this is another positive for the blog as it will allow people easier access to the music that I feature. Of course I don’t want people to just avoid the actual posts themselves so the most recent post will never be added to this list until a newer blog post appears – I just hope that I remember to update the page!

This new section will be found under the ‘Retro Archives’ menu.

Also in this menu can be found various other niceties such as;

  • Featured Posts – These are the posts that appear or have appeared on the Featured Posts slider that is below the main site banner. The slider will only display five featured posts so this menu allows me to list others. I plan to limit this to my favourite 10 featured posts – there are currently only six so it is going to be sometime before we exceed ten anyway!
  • Posts by System – Gives you quick access to viewing all posts by a particular computer, console or other gaming medium.
  • Top Composers – This currently lists Composers whose music features in at least two posts.

I am going to be retroactively updating all my old posts and removing the YouTube links and placing the music directly into the posts, there is currently only one exception to this as the music is actually ‘played’ on the screen by a virtual band so that video will remain and of course any additional supplementary videos will also remain (the Thundercats 80’s cartoon series title sequence, for instance).

Ok, thats enough talk from me so it’s back to actually working on making the blog better.

As always I do like to hear peoples comments so please let me have you thoughts on my planned changes.

Thanks for reading,


About Phendrena

Father, Retro Gamer, PC Gamer.

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