Bear A Grudge

Yeah, Bear A Grudge.

This one was a covergame on an issue of Sinclair User magazine. It’s a straightforward Space Harrier clone coded by Chris Wood who also coded the ZX Spectrum version of Super Hang-on (a great game). What made this cover game great was the stunning Dave Rogers soundtrack!

The Game

It’s incredible! It’s awesome. It’s here and it’s exclusive! Bear a Grudge, Chris Wood’s programming masterpiece is here for your delectation.

The year is 1990. The Sinclair User staff have taken over the world! The circulation figures have rocketed and the mag is even outselling The Sun. Taylor the Merciless and Howard the Strict rule the land with a rod of iron, smoking big cigars and pouting relentlessly. Douglas and Jenkins, having some degree of moral fibre, have snuk off to Brazil.

The only hope for civilisation rests in the paws of Kamikaze Bear (pah) who feels a degree of bitterness over Taylor’s lack of gratitude for his efforts. So he takes the only reasonable course, and sets about killing everything that moves.

You take the role of the bear, and must guide him on his space bike around the 3D screen, blowing away the deadly minions of the Taylor Empire (dragons, aliens, Dillon clones etc) with your rocket cannon. Dodge the tree, mind the rocks, but most importantly – keep shooting.

Critical Reaction

Universally loved and praised by the entire gaming press regardless of what computer they were writing for all agreed that Bear A Grudge was a monumental turning point in gaming history. It was a game so important that even the British Prime Minister mentioned it in the House’s of Parliment!!

Seriously, it’s a magazine cover game – it wasn’t reviewed in any magazine!

My Thoughts

Quite a simple and straightforward Space Harrier clone. It’s well programmed and put together and does play quite well if a little on the tricky side. The music however is stunning. A superb piece by Dave Rogers whom must have been given complete freedom to compose whatever took his fancy. It’s well worth a listen!

The Music


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