Thing On A Spring

A stonking springy bouncy soundtrack from Rob Hubbard brings this game to life. This soundtrack is notable for being the first that Rob Hubbard produced for home computer.

The Game

The evil Goblin has used his magical abilities to ensnare all the toys in the neighborhood to go into his underground lair. Thing bounces to the rescue, and resolves to retrieve them from his 4 storey underground lair. To do this he must collect 9 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle on each floor.

Needless to say, Goblin has not made things easy – a myriad of traps await our intrepid hero. There are traps all over, some crucial areas are guarded by switches, and the last of these switches locks the level-ending lift.

Thing on a Spring is a platform game, made unusual by Thing’s motion method. He can bounce to reach great heights, and be bounced off platforms strategically to reach higher platforms. You have limited oil, which is lost through contact with the many nasties you will encounter.

Critical Reaction

An impressive 93% rating was given by Zzap along with the Sizzler award. Here are a few excerpts from their review;

The main character of Thing On A Spring, sets new standards in computer character cuteness, the googly-eyed Thing is brilliant as he bounces about the screen, spangling off the walls, ceilings and platforms… The scenery is very colourful, with smooth scrolling and there are all sorts of nicely animated hostiles munging about.

My Thoughts…?

To be honest I have only recently played this game as it was never released on the Spectrum (although the sequel was) and it wasn’t a game my friend Rick had. So after digging up my C64 emulator I have given the game whirl. Frankly, the controls are a real pain to get to grips with and make the game very difficult to get into. However, once you get the hang of the controls, and it took me a good 20 mins, the game is quite enjoyable but still rather frustrating.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what Urbanscan do to the game when it gets a modern makeover for iOS devices.

The Music

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