The Great Giana Sisters

Chris Hulsbeck, a true legend of the computer and video game musical world created suitably upbeat and sweeping music for this game. I would’ve loved to have seen this on the Spectrum and we very very nearly did but something got in the way….

The Game

One night, when little Giana from Milano was fast asleep, she had a nightmare. Giana found herself in a wondrous world with strange creatures, who want to prevent her from going home. Here everything was huge and strange. Giana can only leave this world, if she finds a huge jewel. On the way she can collect diamonds and many extras. Fortunately she is not alone, because her sister Maria has also this dream. The world consists of 33 levels and in the last stage Giana can find the needed gem, to return to her world.

Critical Reaction

Zzap (were there any other C64 mags??) were exceedingly delighted with this one and right so. It scored a rating of 96% and thus a rarely awarded Gold Medal, so what did they say about the game?

Great Giana Sisters is a clone of Super Mario Bros, and although it isn’t as good as Nintendo’s classic, it’s still both incredibly addictive and tremendously playable… Nicely animated ‘cute’ sprites and strange backdrops work together perfectly to create a strange dream-like world… The sound might seem a bit twee at first, but it suts the game jolly tone perfectly.

My Thoughts

Damm you Nintendo!!! Why did you feel the need to sue Rainbow Arts for plagiarism?

For those people out there who don’t know The Big N took exception to this game and decided to take legal action to stop the game from being sold. They won. While the Commodore was released it was removed from sale almost immediately and the Spectrum version never got released. A shame as it got some amazing reviews and looked great!

So, move forward many years and the chance to play the game under emulation…. it’s great. It really is a great game. Not as responsive as Mario and obviously lacking some of the newer features that we expect these days but as we are going back 24 years we can overlook that. Colourful, fun and easy to play.

The Music

Commodore C64

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