Agent X

Tim Follin strikes again, or rather a little bit before as this is one of his earlier pieces. It’s still great tune though. As with my previous blog entry this is a 48k beeper tune using a custom music routine as that seemed to become a popular thing to do – not that this was a bad thing but as the 128k with it’s AY soundchip had been released the trend for ‘1bit’ music didn’t really last that long.

The Game

Shock horror headlines! The President has been kidnapped! Mad professor runs off with most powerful man on Earth scandal hits stunned world. Ransom note tells of evil dastardly plot to brainwash leader into warmongering maniac – if they can find the brain.

Send for Agent X. Mankind’s only hope. Ultra secret mission in last minute dash to prevent one maniac putting another maniac in as President. Total panic. Go to Red Alert. Stand by to nuke EVERYBODY – just in case – if he fails. I thought this stuff only happened in computer games!?!#??

Find the lab Agent X grab the President and get him out to our handily placed oil rig, which just happens to be heavily fortified. Then pick up the bomb and go blow that loony commie pinko professor into so much crazy dust. And do it today. Now. Go.

Critical Reaction

The general consensus amongst the gaming the press was that the game was just shooting above average with the big problem being the multiload aspect of the game.

Your Sinclair reviewer Rachael Smith gave the game 7/10 with the following comments;

This is one from the cheap ‘n’ cheerful department, featuring multi-load action but not too much gameplay. Part one is a simple swerve and dodge driving game, seen in 3D from above. Score points for shunting other vehicles off the road. Not much to it – but then again, did you see Street Hawk?

Then there’s a shooting gallery game. Geometric objects fly out of the walls to explode unless you hit them with your crosshairs. Finally, if you free the President, there’s an escape through the caves.

Agent X looks great, and has some wacky touches, such as the life indicator, which consists of a little figure moving towards a gravestone. If only they’d been used to slightly better effect this could have been a Mastertronic classic.

As it is, it’s unlikely to keep you hooked for weeks, but at this price most Agents wouldn’t give a XXXX for anything else!

My Thoughts

I was quite impressed by the driving section and the shooting gallery as they were really good fun. The side-scrolling sections not so much although it was a interesting touch for Agent X to keep on smoking while jump kicking the baddies!! Overall the game is quite enjoyable but the fact that it’s a multi-load with no change for 128k owners was annoying.

The Music

ZX Spectrum 48k

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