The main sprite in this game was huge and beautifully animated and had a suprisingly good title tune considering it didn’t use the 128k’s AY chip. David Whittaker did a really good job of getting the most from the beeper by using a custom music routine. It’s really good!

The Game

Betrayed by his people, TRANTOR is abandoned alone on an Alien planet. His only chance of escape is to activate the planet’s main computer that lies within the terminal building. Spectacular sound and graphics transport you light years to the future. Armed only with a flame thrower, fight your way to freedom as TRANTOR… THE LAST STORMTROOPER!

Critical Reaction

Another game that divided the critics. Sinclair User and Your Sinclair rated the game 9/10 and YS awarded a Megagame, while Crash were unimpressed and awarded 68%;

Platform games are something I don’t spend much time thinking about. When you’ve seen one you’ve seen ’em all, right? Well, not quite. If you can have massive sprites, and detailed scrolling backgrounds then it makes you wake up. If you see a complex arcade adventure scenario in the game, it makes you sit up and take notice. But if it’s also the fastest and hardest arcade blast ’em up you’ve seen for a long time, you start reaching for your joystick. Trantor is all these things, and works on these different levels brilliantly. The graphics are top notch, and the animation very smooth and lifelike, considering the size of the graphics.

My Thoughts

Very Very hard. VERY hard. The animation is fluid, the opening sequence is superb and the music is fab. You’ll die quickly though as the game launches you straight into it. All these classic retro games never had difficulty settings but if there was one game that needed one it’s Trantor! I don’t think that it deserves the high marks that Sinclair User & Your Sinclair gave it or even the lower score that Crash did.

The Music

ZX Spectrum 48k

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